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A Fun Unsolved Problem - Covered Grids

9 minute read


I want to share a fun problem I don’t know how to solve! I discovered it a few years ago, but I only got a few partial results. It also has some neat implications I’ll talk about later!

Cameo in n-Category Cafe Post

less than 1 minute read


Back in January I had a small cameo in John Baez’s article A Curious Integral on the n-Category Cafe, which was cool! It’s a good read and a fun problem, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out!



Path and Cycle Decompositions of Hypercube Graphs


During the summer of 2021, I participated in an REU at Carnegie Mellon University’s Summer Undergraduate Applied Mathematics Institute. Here two other students and I, advised by Professor David Offner, did novel research in graph theory which we are in the process of writing a paper about.

Fuzzy Type Theory for Opinion Dynamics


During the spring and summer of 2022, I participated in the Adjoint School 2022 as part of the Fuzzy Type Theory for Opinion Dynamics group headed by Paige North. So far this has resulted in a talk I gave and a blog post I helped write. We are planning on continuing this line of inquiry in the coming months. The link to the Adjoint School 2022 website can be found here.


Type Theory and Agda


A ten-minute talk I gave at the conclusion of Johns Hopkins University’s Directed Reading Program 2021. No recording is available, but the slides can be found here.

Fuzzy Type Theory for Opinion Dynamics


A talk I gave during the Applied Category Theory Conference 2022, in which I discussed my group’s work during the research week of the Adjoint School 2022. A recording of the talk can be found here, while the slides can be found here.

What is Constructive Mathematics?


A talk I gave for the Johns Hopkins University What is… Seminar 2022, in which I give an introduction to constructive mathematics and synthetic differential geometry. A recording of the talk can be found here, and the abstract can be found below.